Cat Pumps Energy Savings Comes To The Seafood Industry


The demands of a centralised wash-down systems vary significantly depending upon the type of industry and application. Cat Pumps leaders in high pressure pumping systems used their extensive experience in this field to design a bespoke Wash-Saver, a multi-gun wash-down system that automatically matches supply with demand, for a leading player in the fish processing market.

This fish processor called upon the expertise of Cat Pumps partner/distributor Axflow to carry out an initial site assessment and to offer a solution. Mark Redgrove of Axflow carried out the survey and found the current wash-down system had been utilising pitot-tube pumps. These pumps were struggling to achieve satisfactory reliability causing frequent system failures. Mark Redgrove of Axflow said ‘as soon as it was clear reliability was the issue, my first thought was to contact Cat Pumps. They are the most dependable pump on the market for this application.’

The solution was to install a Wash-Saver system designed by Cat Pumps. When specifying this system it was realised that a sizeable energy saving could also be achieved. The current fixed speed wash-down system was running at 46% efficiency. The Cat Pumps superior design accomplishes efficiencies above 90%. By simply swapping in a Cat Pump at fixed speed would have seen approximately a 50% reduction in energy costs. Incorporating the Cat Pump into the Wash-Saver system is where the system can save even more energy consumption. Patrick Fisher of Cat Pumps says ‘typically the food processing plants have a varied demand on gun usage. For the majority of the day only a couple of guns maximum are being used. It is during this time that our Wash-Saver system stands out. By varying the pump speed to match demand we can ensure our customer has the most water and energy efficient system on the market.’

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