Wash-Saver Keeping A Drill Ship Clean

Wash-Saver Keeping A Drill Ship Clean

Cat Pumps (UK) Limited has spent the last 2 years developing their Wash-Saver product for the food and beverage market so were pleasantly surprised to receive an enquiry from one of our existing customers in the Oil and Gas sector.

The company operates globally from its head office in Aberdeen, Scotland, and operates four drill ships for ultra-deep water and three mid water drilling rigs. One of the drill ships had been using a Nilfisk Alto unit to provide high pressure water to wash down the ships equipment and was coming across the all too common issues regards reliability of the pumps used which were simply not up to requirements for this arduous application. With Cat Pumps being a market leader in quality and reliability proven on other Wash-Saver projects, with this customer it was an obvious question for them to ask, could Cat Pumps offer an alternative?

Cat Pumps set to work on the brief of 17 to 68 l/min at 150 bar, a footprint maximum of 1600 x 1000 mm and a twin pump system. The combination of the footprint and twin pump design brought in a new challenge for the Cat Pumps team realising early on their standard design would not be suitable as the Wash-Saver would need to fit down the ships hatchways. It was decided that a tower design, where one pump set is above the other on a common frame, would be best suited incorporating two standard skid units with interconnecting pipework. This would work out the most cost effective for the customer and minimise redesign time for the Cat Pumps team. This also allowed the control panel and control philosophy (which makes the Wash-Saver uniquely smart) to be unchanged leaving both the customer and Cat Pumps fully confident this Wash-Saver solution would be a cut above the competition.


Application Specification

Wash-Saver Tower Unit

Cat Pumps Model

1051, 2 off


150 bar


17 to 34 l/min per pump


Clean Water

Duty Cycle



11 kW, 4 Pole, VSD Rated, 2 off

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