Water Misting for Emission Control

Water Misting for Emission Control

To efficiently control polluting emissions from incinerator stacks or chimneys and comply with regulations such as The Clean Air act 1993 it is necessary to remove particulates such as ash, dust or grit from the incinerator emissions. A preferred method is to inject water at high pressure to produce a fine water mist that is sprayed into the exiting exhaust  gases. The fine water mist creates a large surface contract area for the particulates to be wetted and halted during the exiting process enabling the particulates to drop down the emissions stack or chimney to be safely removed.

Cat Pumps can custom engineer pump skid packages to meet the challenge and installation requirements and can be configured to include all the required safety and pressure regulation valves to assure optimum performance and safety. We can also fit additional components including pulsation dampeners, pressure gauges, tanks and motor control systems. For smaller incinerators we can provide cabinet models as shown below.

Application Specifications

Emission Misiting
Cat Pumps Model: 4DX15ER.CPE
Discharge Pressure: 70 bar
Flow: 4 l/min
Fluid: Water
Liquid Temperature: 1º to 40ºC
Drive: Direct-drive (2950 rpm, 0.7 (kW) ABS)









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