Markets and Applications List

Markets and Applications List

Industrial Duty Pumps and Accessories for Markets & Applications Worldwide


Aircraft Deicing
Aircraft Washing
Agriculture Cooling
Auto Detailing
Auxiliary Fuel Feed for Boiler
Biodiesel Processing
Boat Dock Cleaning
Boat Misting
BOP Accumulator Charging (Blow-Off Preventer)
Bus Wash
Butter/Margarine Pumping
Car Wash
Carpet Cleaning
Central Cleaning Systems
Chemical Injection
Chicken De-boning
Conveyor Belt Cleaning
Crab Cleaning
Crop Spraying
Crude Oil Transfer

Deck Cleaning
Decontamination Systems
Deionized Water Wash
Drill Cutting Injection
Dust Suppression
Electrical Discharge Machines
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Evaporative Cooling
Exterior Building Cleaning
Fire Misting
Fish and Seafood Processing
Fish Scale Removal
Flash Removal of Molded Parts


Fleet Wash
Food Processing
Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling
Gel and Foam Manufacturing
Glycol/Methanol/Carbon Dioxide Injection
Government and Military
Graffiti Removal
Greenhouse Misting
Gutter Cleaning
Gypsum/Cardboard Cutting
Heavy Equipment Wash
Hood Vent Cleaning
Humidity Control
Hydrocarbon Condensate
Hydrostatic Testing
Ice Abatement
Implement and Equipment Cleaning
Insect Control
Label Removal
Lipid Extraction
Liquid CO2
Live Wire Insulator Washing
Livestock Sanitation
Long Wall Cutting/Mining
Lumber Conditioning
Lumber Humidity Control
Machine Tool Cooling and Flushing
Mass Transit Wash
Mildew, Algae Removal
Military Vehicle Wash
Off-Road Equipment Wash
Oilfield, Gas and Chemical Injection
Paint Preparation and Removal
Patio Misting
Pest Control


Poultry Evisceration
Pressure Wash
Process Industries
Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning
Reverse Osmosis
Salt-Water Reinjection
Screen and Felt Cleaning
Seal Gland Flushing
Self-Service Car Wash
Sewer and Pipe Jetting
Ship Hull Cleaning
Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning
Sporting Event Cooling
Street Sweeping
Temperature Control
Tile Cleaning
Touch-Free Car Wash
Train Wash
Trielthylene Dehydration (TEG)
Truck Wash
Ultra High Pressure Fire Fighting
Underground Boring
Vehicle Cleaning
Visual Effects
Waste Water Re-injection
Water-based Hydraulic Systems
Water/Foam Injection
Wet Sandblasting
Wine Making


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