Water Leak

Water Leak


 Most Common:

 • Worn Seals and/or O-Rings
 • Cracked Plungers

  Worn Seals and/or O-Rings

The primary function of the seals and o-rings in the pump is to maintain separation between two environments, such as the internal area of the pump housing and the exterior of the pump. A worn seal or o-ring can allow water or the pumped fluid to leak internally or externally, which can be visible as a leak or a drip.

Inspect and replace worn seals and o-rings. See pump data sheets for internal exploded views that clearly show o-ring and seal replacement ordering information. 

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Cracked Plunger

Cracked or crazed plungers can be caused by thermal shock or pressure spikes. A cracked plunger can degrade pump performance, possible affecting flow and pressure. In this condition, a damaged plunger could allow water or the fluid pumped to seep and even pass through seals, resulting in a leak.

Inspect and replace cracked plunger(s). Inspect seals also as these may have been damaged by the irregular surface of a cracked plunger.

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