Drilling Industry Pumps

Drilling Industry Pumps

 Cat Pumps Setting The Standard In The Drilling Industry

Cat Pumps, the world’s most reliable pumps, are been used in the drilling industry by Rockbit UK Limited. Rockbit have been using Cat Pumps for a number of years for both drilling fluid and foaming.
In the drilling industry High Pressure Positive Displacement pumps are the most suitable pumps for delivery of high pressure water in the following instances:
1.    Drill  Blocking / Clogging
Drill bit/reamer clogging or blocking can occur when drilling through sticky, difficult material like clay. The drill bit/ reamer will have the ability to discharge high pressure jets of drilling fluid  to remove the clay as a thin slurry away from the drill head and drill string and overcome the head of pressure to remove the drill cuttings from the borehole.

2.    Deep Well Drilling
Deep well drilling is the drilling of a well on land to a depth of 1 mile or more and offshore to a depth of 5 miles or more. These deep wells are drilled to these depths predominantly for natural gas or petroleum; however, the well might be drilled to reach water. The process for drilling a well to such depths is very technical and may incorporate directional drilling in order to reach the natural resource deposits without disturbing existing surface area usage. To lubricate the drill bit at such depths a high lubricant pressure is required to overcome the pressure losses as the fluid travels to the drilling point. The use of foaming agents are also employed to assist with lifting the debris within the foam away from the drilling point.

High Pressure Triplex Reciprocating Pumps Used In Drilling Applications

Cat pumps has more than 1000 pump models to satisfy the many applications to deliver high pressure water and other liquids. In particular the Cat Pump Model 280 has proven itself to be more reliable than its competitors within the drilling industry providing foam to the drill head. Alan Vasey, M.D of Rockbit UK says "these pumps have substantially longer life than the pumps previously used and have never skipped a beat." When drilling with air flush foam is used to enhance removal of the  cuttings up the borehole whilst minimising the dust at the surface.
The newest addition to the Cat Pump drilling range is an adapted Model 3545. Alan of Rockbit contacted Cat Pumps "having been in this industry for over 35 years, I have seen the good and the bad designs of pumps. Cat Pumps already have many of the good designs and working with the guys at Cat Pumps we made a subtle design change to add to the reliability of the pumps even further”. Patrick Fisher, Business Development Engineer for Cat Pumps stated "we are always striving to improve our pumps to keep them at the forefront of the industry customer suggestions are a great way to do this. Rockbit gave us the rare opportunity to upgrade our pump and test in a working environment, something that has proved very successful for us."

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